Bottle Grinder, Small, Carbon, Walnut Lid (2 Pack)


Designer: Norm Architects for Menu

Country of Origin: Denmark

Materials: Plastic, silicone, ceramic grinder, walnut

Dimensions: H: 20.5 cm, Ø: 8 cm

Colours: Classic Blue, Dark Green, Ash/Carbon, Green/Beige, Nude, Moss Green

Why is it Special?

Steering away from the predictable grinder, the Norm ‘Bottle Grinder’ is not what you expect to see in a salt and pepper grinder. The form, shaped more like a bottle, cleverly tricks the user to encourage a more playful and experimental interaction with the product. The powerful ceramic mechanism makes the grinder easy to operate and perfect for trying out more than just salt and pepper including spices and grains, nuts, seeds or dried fruits.