Braun Braun Mens Watch, Black Face, Black Leather Strap $210.00

Country of Origin: Germany

Designer: Braun

Manufacturer: Braun

Dimensions: 400 x 0.41 x 0.41 cm; 204.12 Grams

Why is it Special?

 Timeless Design!

After a hiatus of many years, Braun watches and clocks are back in production in 2011 Braun's decision to re-issue their collection, including some of the rare LCD watches from the 1970's, gained approval from Dietrich Lubs, co-designer with Dieter Rams. Lubs credits their independent and functionally-oriented design for the continued relevance of the Braun timepiece collections, some thirty years after their introduction. Eventually, there will be production for the complete line of Braun watches and clocks, as well as new, exciting and innovative Braun products. The reappearance of Braun's complete wristwatch is a testament to the genius of the designers, and it hints at the numbers of loyal Dieter Rams adn Dietrich Lubs fans around the world.