umbra shift

Coiled Stool, Red

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Country of Origin: Phillipines

Designer: Harry Allen for Umbra Shift

Materials: Gmelina Wood, Polypropylene Thread, Rattan, Steel

Dimensions: 17 ¼" × 17 ¼" × 21 ½"

Why is it Special?

The Coiled Stool was inspired by the traditional basket-making techniques of the Philippines. Hand-woven threads cover a rattan core to create a surprisingly comfortable tractor seat. The Coiled Stool fits easily into casual and formal environments. Available in aqua, red, and grey.

Harry Allen established his design consultancy, Harry Allen Design, in 1993. Since then, he has designed furniture, lighting, products, packaging and interiors for an illustrious roster of clients. Harry’s award-winning work sits in many collections, including MOMA, and is featured regularly in the top design publications. Harry Allen’s long-standing interest in art, new materials--and a systematic design approach--have lead to some of the most intelligent products and interiors in the world today.