Alessi Firebird 2.0, Gas-Lighter, Black $120.00

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Manufacturer: Alessi

Designer:  Guido Venturini

Dimensions: H 10 1/4" x L 4" x W 2"

Materials: Thermoplastic Resin 

Why is it Special?

The Firebird gas lighter was created in 1993 following a design workshop to investigate the communicative dimension of objects, their ability to inspire, intrigue and amuse people, in a word, to relate to them. Over the years it became a real pop icon. Alessi proposes a reissue that expands its use: Firebird 2.0 is an electric arc lighter that supplies enough heat to light a cigarette, a candle or whatever.

Born at Alfonsine in 1957 Guido Venturini, a
rchitect, designer and explorer in the field of industrial design, interior design and architecture. In 1985 he and Stefano Giovannoni founded the Bolidist group and set up King-Kong Productions. He has taught at Domus Academy and at Florence Faculty of Architecture. Music is his greatest passion and source of inspiration.