Harbour Counter Chair, Black Steel Base, Nevotex "Dakar" #0250 (Cognac)


Country of Origin: Sweden

Designer: Norm Architects for Menu


Seat - Injection-molded Polypropylene, 15% Fiberglass, Upholstery
Legs - Powder-coated Steel, or Stained/Lacquered Solid Oak

Dimensions: 22 L"× 20.67" W × 44" H

Colour: Cognac

Why is it Special?

Available May 2019.

Originally conceived to serve a broad range of needs at Menu Space, MENU’s showroom/creative co-working space/café in Copenhagen, the Harbour Chair design has expanded to respond to all kinds of demands in private and public spaces. The latest rendition – the Harbour Bar Chair – adds a new chapter to the Harbour story.

Whether you love to eat, work and hang out at the countertop bar, or prefer the elevation of the high top, the new bar and counter versions invite you to pull right up. The slender and sculptural geometric bases are designed with a comfy crossbar for the feet at just the right height to prolong comfort and keep your posture in top form.

Hard Shells available in: Black, Burning Red, Khaki, Light Grey, Olive, White