iittala Kastehelmi Universal Glass, Set of 2, Rain $50.00

Country of Origin: Finland

Designer: Oiva Toikka Kastehelmi

Manufacturer: Iittala

Material: Glass

Dimensions: 26cl Capacity

Why is it Special?

Kastehelmi (Finnish for “dewdrop”) features legendary Finnish designer Oiva Toikka’s groundbreaking raised glass droplet design that resembles strings of dewdrops glistening under the morning sun. Each piece plays with light, bringing out the reflective beauty of the glass. The Kastehelmi 2 piece universal glass set now comes in elegant rain. The durable glassware is versatile enough for any cold drink from juice to wine. Suits any table setting either indoor or outdoor. The simple sophistication of the rain colour complements other Kastehelmi pieces beautifully. Dishwasher safe. A great gift idea.