KINTO Kinto Slow Coffee Jug Set, 600ml $90.00

From the beautifully formed stainless steel filter to the minimalist elegance of the glass carafe, this set from Kinto turns a regular cup of coffee into a truly luxurious experience.

In this original design from Kinto, a standard coffee pot is replaced with a distinctive glass carafe and a stylish stainless steel cone filter takes the place of a paper one. The reusable stainless steel filter is not only kinder to the environment, but it allows more oils to remain in the finished coffee, resulting in a richer and more intense flavor. The set also includes a holder for the filter, which doubles up as a measurer.

There is a zenlike quality to the fluidity of movement in this coffee making technique, and from the careful measuring of the coffee to watching each drop drip leisurely into the carafe, the process is an experience unto itself.  Unhurried, unrushed, relaxed – enjoying the making as much as the drinking is what Kinto’s “slow coffee style” is all about.

The set comes in a beautifully designed box and would make an ideal gift.