Blomus Marble Tray, Black $110.00

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Country of Origin: Germany

Manufacturer: Blomus

Material: Marble

Dimensions: 7.5" Diameter

Why is it Special? The Marble Tray is a beautiful piece on the dining table, in the bathroom, hallway table or bedroom. The tray, made of shiny marble, is extremely versatile. Pads on the base protect sensitive surfaces. 

  • .8" x 7.5" diameter
  • Clean with damp cloth.

The Blomus marble collection is available in both a black marble with stretched light grey veins and a warm brown with a slightly darker pattern.

Marble, first use in Greek and Roman sculptures and architecture still holds a special place in art and design and is valued for its timeless elegance and durability and for the uniqueness of each piece with its natural color variations and patterns.