mark krebs MK x Free Label Waffle Pillowcase, 18" x 18" $62.00

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Manufacturer: Mark Krebs (Toronto)

Desginer: Hand-Woven in Northern India

Materials: Made with 100% Bikaner Wool

Dimensions: 18" x 18"

Why is it Special?

Mark Krebs Inc. is a Toronto-based company that collaborates with producers and craftspeople around the world to bring animated, everyday objects into our homes, at a sensible price.

Introducing the Mark Krebs x Free label collaboration. Timeless heirloom pieces, made by hand in India. The MKxFL collaboration collection was made in small batches. 

Hand woven on a traditional handloom in Punjab, India by a network of artisans.  Unique and delicate chunky weave that gives texture to the rich Clay colour. Ultra soft and plush wool. Extra large and oversized for ultimate coziness.

100% Bikaner Wool. Sheered, dyed and handloomed in Punjab, India. This wool is soft, not scratchy and oh so plush. High quality wool can last for generations upon generations; an heirloom to pay respect to the animals and humans that contributed to this special piece.  Wool is a natural, biodegradable fibre. As such, you can expect some pilling with use.  Wool is naturally antibacterial.