Monocle Magazine


Country of Origin: London, England

Materials: Paper

Why is it Special?

"In 2007, Monocle magazine was launched to provide a briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design and much more. We believed that there was a globally minded audience of readers who were hungry for opportunities and experiences beyond their national borders. Today Monocle is published 10 times a year out of our HQ at Midori House in London: we now sell more than 80,000 copies per issue and have 22,500 subscribers and growing. For $135 (€120) a year we make sure that our readers feel part of something more like a club, offering regular invitations to subscriber events and ensuring that they always have great service from our team.

Monocle is a complete media brand, with print, audio and online elements – not to mention our expanding retail network and online business. Via our shops in London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Zürich and LA, and our seasonal shop in Merano, Italy, we sell products that cater to our readers’ tastes, produced by brands we believe in. We also have cafés in Zürich and London, as well as a newsstand and coffee concept in London called Kioskafé.

Monocle continues to grow its audience but at our core is the simple belief that there will always be a place for a print brand that is committed to telling fresh stories, that sends photographers on assignments and knows that its success is all down to the readers, advertisers and collaborators who have supported us along the way.

Monocle – keeping an eye and an ear on the world."


*Please inquire about specific issues of this magazine / The photograph shown is not necessarily the current issue.