iittala Nappula Candle Holder 183mm Moss Green $60.00

Country of Origin: Finland

Designer: Matti Klenell

Manufacturer: Iittala

Material: Metal

Dimensions: 183 mm H

Why is it Special?

Designer Matti Klenell took inspiration for Nappula from a peculiarly shaped table with ‘swollen’ feet at the Iittala Glass Museum. His interpretation was to create a candleholder with a tall, elegant stem standing on a solid, round base. Nappula’s signature silhouette has become a modern Nordic design classic. The tallest Nappula candleholder creates maximum impact with its seamless blend of contemporary and vintage elements. Moss green complements the strong, minimalist design. Reflects a soft, warm light that brings cosy ambience to any interior. Stunning alone or grouped in a collection. Great gift idea. Works with tapered candles only.