New Norm Bowl, Smoke, 8.5”


Designer: Norm Architects for Menu

Country of Origin: Denmark

Materials: Porcelain

Dimensions: H: 6.5 cm, Ø: 21.5 cm

Colours: White, Smoke, Dark Glazed

Why is it Special?

The Scandinavian simplicity and purity of New Norm Dinnerware has won hearts all over the world. A Menu bestseller, the series has a uniquely Nordic feel. Each new addition to the family is tested in Höst, a leading Copenhagen restaurant. And we don’t just care about aesthetics. All designs are colour-glazed and burned twice at 1400 degrees for maximum strength. The production takes place in a state of the art European factory, specialising in porcelain for restaurants and hotels. This gives your plates and bowls exceptional durability.