Poketo Poketo Wrapping Paper Pack, Asst $18.00

Country of Origin: America

Manufacturer: Poketo

Materials: Environmentally friendly tree-free paper

Dimensions: 545 mm (21.4") x 788 mm (31")

Why is it Special?

A set of beautiful wrapping paper featuring three unique but complementary modern designs that look great together or on their own, using premium thicker paper than the usual generic paper wrapping you see around. These will make your gifts package as amazing as the present it houses inside. 

  • 3 different rolled sheets
  • Environmentally friendly tree-free paper
  • Flat sheet: 545 mm (21.4") x 788 mm (31")
  • Packaging: 23 3/4" x 1 1/2" x 1/ 1/2"