Playtype Poster G- Yves Klein Blue, 70 x 100 cm $134.00

Country of Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark

Designer: Playtype

Dimensions:  70 x 100 cm

Materials: Paper: FSC certificeret - 230g matt enhanced

Why is it Special? 

Playtype is passionate about the alphabet and can’t imagine life without it!

Playtype has combined the classic and timeless G, with the beautiful blue colour series from artist Yves Klein, who became world-renowned after creating his blue colour series back in the late 1950s.

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Paper: FSC certificeret - 230g matt enhanced

Playtype is an international design company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Copenhagen is the port to the three Scandinavian kingdoms and is thus influenced by both Nordic and international culture. Founded 20 + years ago by a group of experimenting just-out-of-school designers, they believe that contemporary design is best imagined by open-minded and playful design.