Sarjaton Bowl, Varpu White, 11oz


Designer: Lotta Olsson

Manufacturer: IIttala

Country of Origin: Finland

Dimensions: 5" W x 2" H

Materials: Porcelain

Why is it Special?

Since she was a little girl, Swedish illustrator Lotta Olsson has been inspired by the forest so dear to all Scandinavians. “Forest is a place that feels most natural to me. The more you look and study the forest, the more you see.”

All the details Lotta has seen in her long walkabouts have now landed in the rich, earthy pattern Varpu (meaning twig in Finnish). The small twigs contain the whole richness of Finnish flora with its visual and delicate details. “For Sarjaton, which is about modern Finnish traditions, I wanted to make a Finnish forest. To me, Finland has a fairytale landscape, it has something very mysterious. The blue in the pattern is a reflection to the Arctic Taiga; the earthy colors illustrate the shades of our northern nature and traditions, but with a modern twist.”

Sarjaton Varpu brings a fresh, new pattern to the Sarjaton range, launched in 2012. To a concept of tactile and organically changing collection of patterns and parts, Varpu adds to the material variety of the range. Varpu collection consists of mug, bowls, cushion covers, tea towel, tray and tin box. The diverse collection for every day dining offers soft shapes, muted colours, patterns and reliefs. Sarjaton is made for the modern eating habits, where the ingredients and relaxed get-together is more important than the formal setting of the table.