Water Carafe, Cork lid, 40.5 Oz



Water Carafe, Cork lid, 40.5 Oz


Country of Origin: Denmark

Designers: Norm Architects

Materials: Glass, Cork

Dimensions: H 32 cm, Ø 9 cm, Volume: 1.2 L

Why is it Special?

1.2 litres of nature inspired awesomeness.

Menu's  Water Carafe by Norm is a light, mouth-blown glass carafe, inspired by the natural shape that water forms when poured into a bag.

This makes the carafe tall, elegant and potent – and at the same time soft and feminine. The tiny beak at the top gives it an animal like character and in many ways it does take on a bit of a quirky bird personality. It’s light, natural and elegant - and free to go where ever it wants. The Water Carafe will look decorative on both fancy dinner tables and worn down picnic blankets.

Practical details worth mentioning are:

1) it fits perfectly into your refrigerator door.

2) it holds 1.2 litres of whatever you want it to.

3) with the stainless steel lid it’s possible to use the lid as a stopper for ice cubes or mint leaves – just keep the lid on and pour away. 

Available with Cork or Stainless Steel Lid.