Gailan Ngan Wobble Mug Mini, White $25.00

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Country of Origin: Canada

Designer: Gailan Ngan

Materials: Ceramic

Dimensions: Approx. H 2" x W 2.5" Each piece is unique

Why is it Special?




Gailan Ngan’s wobble mugs rock gently when placed on a tabletop, and feel comfortably at home when held in the hand. The slight differences in each mug highlights the handmade quality of each mug, resulting in unique pieces every time. These mugs look beautiful as a group, but are special enough to stand out on their own. In the shop, they are our regular go-to mugs for tea. A ceramicist and visual artist, Gailan Ngan began her ongoing fascination with ceramics at an early age, first as a studio assistant (and later as an apprentice) to her father, Wayne Ngan. She founded her own studio, Cornershop, in 1997, graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2002 and now divides her time between Hornby Island and Vancouver.