Blomus Set of 3 Vases - Pewter, Micro $37.00

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Country of Origin: Germany

Manufacturer: Blomus

Material: Porcelain

Dimensions: The set includes three vases, Pewter (charcoal) vase 9cm/3.5" height, Micro Chip (light grey) vase 6.5cm/2.6" height, and  Bark (mauve) vase 7cm/2.8" height. 

Why is it Special?

The blomus NONA Porcelain Mini Vases - Set of 3 are a beautiful, quirky design of modern elegance. When flowers meet this amazing matte, raw, unglazed porcelain surface the result is somehow subtle and spectacular all at the same time. Each vase features a modern shape that, when placed together, create an eye-catching ensemble.