Softline BINGO, w/ metal tray, 622 Red Felt $499.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designer: Michiel van der Kley

Dimensions: W 25.5″ x H 25.5″ x D 5.5″

Bed (extended):  L 75.5″ x W 25.5″ x D 5"

Tray table: 6.25″ x 26″ x 12.5″

Materials:  80% Wool felt cover (15 colours available), high density polyurethane foam, metal tray

Why is it Special?

The Bingo  is a multi-functional 3 in 1 design: a seat, a table, and it also folds out to become a single bed! It features a removable cover for easy cleaning, and is compact and suitable for small spaces. Price includes metal tray top. 

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