Lamy BP/MP CP1 Twin black matte $119.00

Manufacturer: LAMY

Designer: Gerd A. Müller

Country of Origin: Germany 

Why is it Special?

Intelligent Versatility. 2 in 1 / twist-action mechanism / matt black lacquer finish / with refill LAMY M 21 black / pencil lead LAMY M 41 (0.5) / eraser LAMY Z 15

Ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil and marker in one. Switch system using twist mechanism. Build-in eraser underneath the removable button (LAMY cp1 / st).

The LAMY Twin Pen is similar to other CP1 products, but its point of difference is that it is both a ballpoint pen and a mechanical pencil. Simply twist the barrel of the pen to choose between a ballpoint pen and 0.5mm pencil lead. There is a replaceable eraser under the cap. Refills: LAMY T16 + and 0.5 lead refills.