Vitra Eames House Bird, Alder/Black Lacquer, 11"x 3.25" x 11" $405.00

Country of Origin: Birsfelden, Switzerland

Manufacturer: Vitra

Dimensions: L 8", W 3 1/4", H 11"

Materials: Alder wood (Western Europe, Poland), black lacquer finish, steel wire legs

Why is it Special?

A prized possession of Charles and Ray Eames, the House Bird has been a decorative part of the collage-like Eames House interior for decades.

Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their private home, the Eames House, with numerous objects and accessories that they brought back from their travels. For over fifty years, the figure of a wooden bird has stood in the centre of the living room – an artefact of American folk art that was evidently highly treasured by the couple, since it also appeared frequently as an accessory in photographs taken by Charles and Ray.