Iittala Essence Beer Glasses, Set of 2, 16 oz $46.00

Country of Origin: Designed in Finland, Made in Germany

Designer: Alfredo Häberli (2014)

Manufacturer: Iittala

Dimensions:  6.25” H x 3” Diameter at rim (16 x 7.5 cm)

Materials: Glass

Why is it Special?

If you're a craft beer connoisseur, there is finally a glass for you! The iittala Essence Beer Glass was carefully crafted to maintain head and stimulate complex flavors, while showcasing the color, sparkle and aroma of the beer for comprehensive sensory indulgence.  The Essence beer glasses are the newest addition to the Essence range of glasses. They were designed to complement each other - side by side they express a remarkable sense of balance with the stem and base being of the same size. Sensually pleasing to grasp and handle, Essence makes fine wines (and beers!) even more enjoyable.

Dishwasher safe with extra care.