Hasami Hasami Wood Tray, 8.6” $98.00

Designer: Hasami Country of Origin: Japan Materials: Ash Why is it special? Hasami Porcelain is an amazing line from Japan which blends beautiful organic materials with a clean Japanese aesthetic. For Hasami, material is key. Their porcelain is made from a unique blend of clay and porcelain, which results in pottery that is strong and firm, yet is comfortable to the touch for hands and lips. Each object is coated in a subtle glaze, specially developed to make the Hasami porcelain material stand out. The elegant use of clean lines define the functionality of Hasami porcelain. Sizes are defined by fixed modules, each object shares the same diameter, so they may be stacked or placed inside one another. This makes it so that many of the objects are also multi functional. For example, a tray may also be used as a lid. This added level of functionality makes the Hasami Porcelain line truly unique. Dimensions: 220 cm D x 21 cm H