Normann-Copenhagen Horizon Mirror, Round White D: 14,3 x Ø: 34 cm $169.00

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Manufacturer: Normann Copenhagen

Designer: Kaschkasch

Dimensions:  D: 14,3 x Ø: 34 cm

Materials: Steel, Glass Mirror

Why is it Special?

Horizon is a collection of wall mirrors in varying geometric shapes that all have a steel shelf integrated into the design. The shelf serves as a practical place to put things on, at the same time creating a beautiful visual effect. The Horizon wall mirrors are the perfect hybrid between functionality and aesthetics.Horizon comes in three versions: a horizontal and a vertical mirror in the shape of rounded rectangles, plus a smaller circular one. With a simple geometric design, the mirror variations create a poetic play on reflections.

Designed by German design duo kaschkasch.

The steel shelf has a powder coated surface. The glass mirror is glued to the surface. Maximum load on the shelf is 1 kg.