KINTO Kinto Travel Tumbler, Coyote, 350 ml $40.00

Country of Origin: Japan

Material:  stainless steel, powder coating, polypropylene, silicone 

Dimensions: 350 ml

Why is it Special?


This amazing thermos is designed for a comfortable drinking experience wherever you go. Made of durable stainless steel with a sturdy texture, the surface does not scratch easily. Vacuum insulated, the tumbler has great heat and cold retention. As the opening of the tumbler is wide, it is easy to drink from, put in ice cubes, and clean. The cap feels smooth on the mouth and is structurally designed to stop ice cubes and hot drinks from coming out vigorously, ensuring stress-free drinking until the very last sip. With a compact form and a leak-proof lid, it is ideal for carrying around and for placing in the drink holder of your car or bicycle.

*Keeps liquids hot above 65°C/149°F and cold under 8°C/46°F for 6 hours.