Softline Magnum Beanbag, Sand Felt 619 $475.00

Country of Origin: Denmark

Dimensions: 325 L, Ø 100 cm,  H 70 cm

Materials:  80% Wool felt cover (over 25 colours available), with polystyrene beads.

Why is it Special?

One of our best selling products; the Magnum beanbags are at once a retro 70s throwback and a timeless classic. This beanbag will shape itself around your body, offering the perfect base for chilling, listening to music, watching a movie, playing video games, or reading a book. All homes need a beanbag, and Magnum comes in huge number of fabrics and colours to match any style. Great for adults and kids 2 years and older.

Features an inner liner which holds the beans, so you can take the outer cover off for drycleaning.

Additional covers available by special order.

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