Alessi Moka Alessi Espresso Maker, 1 Cup


Country of Origin: Italy

Manufacturer: Alessi

Designer: Alessandro Mendini  (2011)

Dimensions: W 9.6 cm x H 16.4 cm

Materials: Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting. Handle and knob in thermoplastic resin

Why is it Special?

Designed by Alessandro Mendini , as a tribute to his grandfather Alfonso Bialetti - the original designer and inventor of the Moka Express coffee maker. Alessandro’s MOKA for Alessi is inspired by Futurism and Art Deco. An icon of Italian design, this espresso maker is the perfect accessory to your morning ritual. 

Moka Alessi was created out of the desire to pay homage to the classic moka designed in the 1930s and that has become a popular item over the years. Alessandro Mendini accepted the challenge of re-interpreting this cult object in a contemporary way. Moka Alessi has a formal character that can be immediately recognized, a round-shaped coffee pot that makes the vertical conicality of traditional moka sinuous. For every else, Mendini respected the details of traditional moka, trying to improve its technical aspects, for example by increasing the thickness of aluminium and optimizing the capacity of the boiler.