Alessi Pulcina, Espresso Coffee Maker, Black, 6 cup $190.00

Manufacturer: Alessi

Designer: Michele De Lucchi

Dimensions: L 12.2 x W 26 x H 12.2 cms

Materials: In PA, aluminum casting * Not for use on induction stove tops

Why is it Special?

Pulcina comes from a research entirely dedicated to the design and functionality of the espresso coffee maker. As a result of this study and the application of the technology developed by illycaffè, Pulcina is a high performance coffee maker with a boiler that stops dispensing the drink at the right time before the coffee gets a bitter aftertaste. This helps to enhance the full and rich aroma of this drink. The spout has been designed with the same attention to functional aspects: when pouring coffee, its special V shape, which recalls a chick's beak (hence the name of the coffee maker) allows it to perfectly stop the drop. The handle and plastic knob in colours black and red complete the coffee maker.