Alessi Todo Cheese Grater, Steel and Wood $165.00

Country of Origin: Italy

Designer: Richard Sapper

Materials: Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting. Handle and knob in thermoplastic resin

Dimensions: H 46cm x D 10 cm 

Why is it special?

So what you need to know is that Sapper, one of the designers who has been with Alessi the longest, the creator of some of their most innovative objects, in his own home is in charge of grating cheese for the whole family. Thus his inspiration was based on extensive personal experience on this theme and this time around he has come up with a novelty that will be the joy of consumers of grated cheese. “Todo” has a truncated cone shaft that is exceptionally long and will grate enough cheese to satisfy the requirements for one portion just with one complete stroke. An excellent example of an object to exhibit on the table or in the kitchen, but at the same time it boasts a precise, state-of-the-art functional performance that just about transforms into playful gestural expressiveness one of the most boring and least qualifying culinary operations.