Piecework Top Dog Piecework Puzzle $55.00

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Brand: Piecework Puzzles

Country of Origin: Designed and made in the USA

Thick stock and high-quality art paper. Board is 100% recycled paper

Dimensions: Completed puzzle is 19.25" x 26.6" . Box is 8" x 10" x 1.8"

Why is it Special?

This is the newest puzzle from Piecework, and it features our shop mascot, Peaches the basset hound. Peaches is a lovable, long, and cake loving pup from Vancouver who is one of the stars of this fun new puzzle. 

A competition. A baking show. Fourteen friendly doggos. Who will be: Top Dog? Delve into a 1000-piece puzzle filled with pooches proudly presenting decadent desserts. Hot diggity dog!

Piecework puzzles are designed by two female graphic designers from Portland and NYC. The name Piecework is a nod to the importance of the process — it’s about fitting something together by hand, working it through, piece by piece — instead of the outcome. Whether working alone or at a gathering of friends, we see puzzles as a means to slow down, connect, and live in the present.

1000 random sized pieces.