Audo TR Bulb, Shiny Opal $196.00

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Country of Origin: Denmark

Designers: Audo Copenhagen & Rundle

Material: Opal Glass, E27 sockets, Internal LED panel: 220V, 410 Lumens, Regular TR Bulb: 6W, 2700K

Dimensions:  Ø: 20 cm, Dimmable, LED

Why is it Special?

 Designed for longevity, the TR Bulb uses LED technology, which, with normal use, should last many years. Easy installation in any E26 socket. The globe is constructed from white opal glass, and the core structure is made from aluminium to draw heat away from the LED, allowing the bulb to run at its optimum temperature.

The original TR bulb dims from low to bright at a fixed 2700 Kelvin color temperature. This means that the brightness begins at a low warm candle light color and can transition to a brighter warm color. The color temperature of the light is fixed, the only difference in illumination is the brightness. This bulb helps create a cozy and romantic environment for any occasion such as dinner parties, rainy stay-in evenings, or when its time to wind down and read a book.